It is undeniable that digital services and inventions have made connection and communication much more simple. One would still wonder why business card matter when everyone including minors possess a digital device and access to the internet. It is common to see people get so addicted to that little smartphone because it makes everything simple. You could text, call, watch movies, play music, play games, chat, make transactions and even order for goods! Life in its bulk is gradually moving into those handy smartphones and tablets.In this era one would ask, isn’t business card out place? Isn’t it old-fashioned.

Our team here at Funtrick Technologies have made calculations and discovered that there are still reasons why business card is still very much relevant. Let’s get on it!


As much as we have all kinds of digital devices, it is still very much easier to hand business card to someone rather than waste time trying to unlock your phone, restart your freeze phoned and all those headaches that comes with it. In matter of seconds, you can quickly fizzle your card into the palms of that celebrity who is rushing to get out of the scene! If you don’t have a business card, you may loose lifetime opportunities. Whether you could beam an information to another phone in a matter of seconds, it still cannot beat a Business Card. Will you tell someone who is rushing into his car to bring out his phone so that you can beam an information? Or don’t you know that it is even more safe to hand people your card? Chances are that they will always come across your card at any given time more than they can trace your contact details from their phones!


Here in Funtrick Technologies, we try our best to convince our clients to go entirely digittal while still retaining their physical presence and communication methods. Why? Because if we decide to just be on digital services alone, we will miss those who are yet to get there. No matter how developed our world is, there are still people who have sworn not to join the rest in the craze for digital services. Some people still use bar phones that are not internet enabled. How do you reach these people? Business card is the answer! Even if they cannot read what is written on it, they can easily get someone to interpret those information on that card.


Have you ever experienced an error message from your website server? We do too. Even WhatsApp have had its own share of being down for some time. How about your digital device getting faulty all of a sudden? Well, mine happened while I was on stage… It went blank throughout the day. Well, things cannot get hundred percent perfect! Not even digital devices. So, in this kind of situations, you still need a business card. Remember, it is much more than just exchanging phone numbers.


Business cards gives your business a lift. It makes people find reasons to trust you and it also tell how serious you are about your business especially when it is a growing business. Truth is, business card doesn’t necessary mean a business is legal but people judge things by appearance and chances are that business cards proves seriousness. It just shouldn’t be a business card but a good looking one. This is one way that people understand how real you are.


You can advertise your business with your cards. These days, cards are printed front and back , Funtrick Technologies recommends it too! Your contact details can be in the front page while your services can be displayed at the back of the card. Your business card shouldn’t just tell people to call you, it should tell them why they should call. This can serve as a reminder too for your potential customers. For instance, you may introduce yourself as an architect to someone but they may likely not remember you if your card doesn’t say who you are. Moreover, your card can sound even more convincing than your voice.


Business cards enhances networking especially when it is done in exchange. When you come across certain people and they hand you their business cards, you should reciprocate by given them your business card too. By so doing, you are building network in a more efficient way.
Now you see? Business cards are still very relevant. It may seem old fashioned because it has lingered for generations, yet it is still the best way to share information concerning what you do and how to reach you with other people and with potential customers and clients. Go digital, compliment it with business cards! It is called complimentary cards after all.

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