We understand that you need a website and we understand that we can play a role towards encouraging every business, office and institutions to go digital! You may not know how much you need a website until you get it all set up and running. Right now, we want to help you bear some burden! We are cutting of 50% of web development cost just to convince you that we want you to have a website and see the benefits of it!
While we have different packages for our website development, this offer is only available to the Basic package. Although we are on a long promo of 40,000 naira for the basic package, we are even cutting off another 50% from the promo price which guarantees you a well designed website running at 20,000 naira.
  1. Web contents: You will need to deliver to us contents you would want on your website including your company logos, mission and vision statements, articles and other front page contents. If you would want us to develop content for you, you may need to pay a little amount for content writing.
  2. Upfront Payment: As it has always been, we require an upfront payment to enable us serve you better. When you make your payments and we confirm it, you are good to go!
  3. Cup of Coffee: Hold on! It’s not for us but for you! Relax; sip your coffee as we deliver to you a beautifully designed website that serves your purpose.
Please note that we are only offering the basic package on this promo!
Offer is valid for only a limited time!
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