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How To Do Graphics Designs With Phone

The world is evolving, technology is getting even more advanced and the way we do things are changing. There was a time desktop computer used to be a breakthrough, it was celebrated and anyone who owns it usually had lots of advantages. Then laptop surfaced and interests started moving over to laptops.

While desktop and laptop PC still serve very wonderful purposes, there are times you may not have access to a laptop, there are times you are on the move and would want to fix things quickly! What will you do? If you have a smartphone, you can’t be stranded.

A smartphone can do pretty much what your laptops would do. While desktop and laptops would always have an edge when it comes to some powerful jobs, you can carry out beautiful tasks quickly with your smartphone. If you have a brand, you are a content creator or you’ve got graphics needs, there are simple ways to do professional graphics designs with your smartphone. Whether you are a professional graphics designer or you are just trying it out here are some apps you might want to consider:


Canva is one of the most popular web-based apps for graphics designing. Canva offers you lots of templates that you can customize from or use as it is? Whether you are a pro or a novice, you can achieve professional designs with canva. You have an option of starting from scratch or the option of choosing your design from the templates. Canva offers free and paid plans but even with the free plan, you can achieve topnotch designs. If you are making design for the print media, then you may have to go for the paid version so that you can save your designs in pdf formats. The paid version also offers access to even more templates and pictures. The downside of Canva is that it requires a fast internet connection to work efficiently because it is web-based and the good side is is that you can work on the same file across various devices, you can start a job with your desktop at the office, continue with your tablet at home and finish up with your smartphone while jogging the next morning. This means that when you are out of network coverage area, you may not be able to work.


If you need an app for quick minimalistic designs, then Adobe Spark might be the best bet! There are lots of templates categorized according to industry and design type which you can quickly customize for yourself. Just like Canva, you can replace images with your own pictures or the free stock pictures but there are just very few tweaks you can do on Adobe Spark. Spark also gives you the ability to switch your designs into several layouts without having to resize pictures and fonts. Adobe Spark has multifunction in the sense that you can use it for your still graphics and still use it to edit simple videos that may run as ads or presentations. Adobe has free features and paid features.


PicMonkey is an online photo editor also offering Smartphone version of their app. PicMonkey is a good photo editor and designing application which includes features like the ability to edit texts, add filters and even add some preinstalled vector drawings and shapes. It is quite similar to Canva and readily available in a free trial and paid version. The downside of picmonkey is that when you are using the free version, you don’t have access to their cloud services where you can save your designs and access it afterwards. Once you close the app, you cannot continue working on a design except of course you subscribe to their premium packages. Just like canva, PicMonkey has redefined sizes that you can choose from and the beautiful thing about picmonkey is that it has a colour picking feature where you can pick colours from images. We also noticed picture frames are lacking in PicMonkey app.


If you are looking for a very powerful photo editing app that is close to photoshop, then PicsArt is the best bet. We can not even fully cover the functionalities of PicsArt as it keeps improving every day. Aside from being able to do some graphics, PicsArt is also becoming a social network for phone artists with several contests and Facebook integration. Unlike the other apps we’ve mentioned here, PicsArt is more complex but also offer simple features like collage for those who aren’t ready to explore all those heavy features. It comes in free and paid versions.

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