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How To Quickly Create Google My Business

We have had clients ask us how their businesses can rank on Google search. It’s a very valid question and we hope to provide resources that can help business owners make themselves more visible on the internet. We will be looking at how to quickly create Google My Business profile.

Introduction to Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the great tools to put your business on the map. So, It also makes your business rank on Google whether you have a website or not. This serves for any business or organisation.

Every day, people go to Google to search for the nearest businesses on especially those who are new in town. The internet has made the world a global village. At the convenience of your home, you can check out a place before going there. You can also read reviews to see what people are saying about it.

You will be missing in action if you own a business and your business isn’t listed on Google. If your business isn’t for your private use (who does that?) Then you need to list your business on Google. Put yourself in the shoes of those businesses you found using Google, you would be a customer richer or more!

There are over 10 billion Google searches every day and this is your business’ chance to rank on Google if you play your card well. It will also be a great way to drive traffic to your online version of the business, your website.

Google My Business is a simple way to connect easily and quickly to prospects. With this tool, you can also put your business on the map. If you do not have a website, you can quickly create a simple business site with it. Google business site may not give you every feature you need for your business. But at least, it offers you a free way to have a simple online presence outside the social media.

A lot of users feel they do not need a website if they have a profile on Google My Business. However, a fully functional website makes it a great combination! With this, you can reach more people and get them started on your sales funnel.

To enjoy the full features of Google My Business, your profile will need to be verified. Google verifies your business by sending a verification pin to your address or via a video call. This is to ensure that the address of your business is valid.

A verified profile will help you manage your business listing on Google.

If you discover your business have been listed on Google, you can claim it.

How to create a Google My Business Profile

#1: Visit

A google account gives you access to a wide range of Google services including Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Google Ads and range of other products. If you use Google-powered devices like Android, it’s more likely you already have a Google account. You’ll need to sign in if you aren’t signed into Google already.

#2: Add Business

Find and manage your business

You have the option to either find your business and claim it or add your business if it has not been listed already. When adding your business name, ensure you use your official business name. If your business name is ProBixz Investments, write it in full and avoid using just ProBixz. By continuing, you agree to Google’s terms of service and privacy policy.

#3: Add Business Category

Choose busines type

To help customers find you if they are looking for a business like yours, you’ll need to add a business category that is the best fit for your business. You can change it later or add more.

#4: Select Business Type

Google My Business Step 4 Screenshot

You could be a storefront or a service provider, you will need to choose it now. You have the option to choose if your business is a place people could visit or walk into or if you simply render services and work from home.

#5: Enter Address

Google My Business Screenshot - Address

If you are not a location-based business where customers can visit, you’ll be required to select the nearest cities you serve. But if you are a location business you’ll need to add your business address.

Google will need your business address to verify your business. You must ensure it’s a business address and not a P.O Box or mailbox. Google My Business accepts only one business for one residence.

#6: Add Contact Details

Google My Business Screenshot - Contact details

You’ll need to add your phone number, add your website or create a free simple business website using Google tools. Note that your free website will be at a subdomain of the Google My Business website.

#7: Enter Mailing Address & Verify

Whether you are an online business operating from home or you are a walk-in store, Google must verify your business before you can manage your business information and how it appears on the search engine.

Google verifies your business to ensure that your business information is correct and this helps in preventing fraud to some extent. A postcard may be sent to your address with which you can verify your business. You can choose to verify later but without it, you can’t fully manage your business.

#8: Choose a verification method

Google My Business Screenshot - Verification method

Depending on your country, you may have multiple verification methods that you can choose from. In Nigeria, users are most likely to have only the postcard mailing option.

#8: Add Finishing Touches

After you have added a verification method, you will need to add more details like services that you render, the days and hours you are always open for business, business descriptions and photos.

Remember that whatever you put out there is a form of marketing, either good marketing or bad marketing. In your description, make use of keywords and striking statements that talks about what you do.

This tool is completely free, rewarding and very easy! Why not take advantage of it? Another simple reason you should create a profile is to catch up customers who couldn’t remember your website domain name and simply decided to search you up on Google. While your website may not be ranking yet, your Google My Business will probably rank faster!