How To Name A Business

Working with clients over time have made us realize that one of the most difficult but very important aspects of starting a business is choosing a business name. Business name…

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How To Start A Business

There are various reasons why people start businesses. Before we see how one could start a business, let's look at these reasons. PassionSurvivalSolving problems Passion Some people just have a…


The Basics of Sales Funnel

Understanding what Sales Funnel is and taking full advantage of it can greatly improve your brand, increase your sales and help you build quality relationship with your customers. This will always result to brand loyalty. Want to learn more? Check it out!

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The Fall Of Kodak And The Lessons

From grace to grass may not be such a bad title for any book or movie that should be produced to tell the story of Kodak from 1888 to 2012. The story of The Eastman Kodak Company is one that every business and start-ups must know and be able to tell at their fingertips.


How To Build An Irresistible Brand

Sometimes, people get confused on the subject of branding because of the ambiguous use of words and terms. In this article, we used everyday experiences and practical approach to show us how we can be able to build an irresistible brand. At the end of this article, we will be able to: 1. Define Branding 2. Know the basic rules of branding 3. Understand Branding Strategies 4. Take practical steps to build a better brand.


You don’t make sells online? This is why!

On BrandSERIES today, we will be looking at and solving a very important problem! You've tried making online sales but it doesn't seem to work for you? Wondering why you don't sale online? We have listed some reasons why you don't sale and how you can start making sales! The 4th point will shock you!

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