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Just in case you have a question in mind, you may want to read through the most frequent questions we have been asked by clients and prospects.

However, if you can’t find any answer to the questions you have in mind, feel free to Contact Us.

We are a growing business who believes so much that our growth depends on how well we serve our clients. You can trust us because we are passionate about growth.

No, not at all! The prices we list on our website are all there is to the price except you want to upgrade a service or renew services that are on subscription.

We charge yearly fees because hosting, domain names and SSL certificates cannot be purchased out-rightly. On our end we renew them every year. Again we offer 24/7 service support and back-end management round the clock which many agencies do not offer. 

Yes! It is your website. While we would love to continue managing your website for you, we will gladly assist in moving your website when need be. We give clients the access they would need on their website but limit them to some sensitive areas that may break the website if tampered with. On request, we release the website fully after which we do not take responsibility of any issue that would arise thereafter.

No. We do not manage or create clients’ contents except on a special arrangement which may attract additional fee.

You can always upgrade your service by contacting any of our FunCare agent. This will require additional fee depending on the product.

Of course! We are a global business and that is why we exist on the internet after-all! However, free delivery of flyers, business cards and other physical goods applies to Nigeria only.

That is why you need us! We offer free brand consultation and with any of our SMEBundle we will assist you further with advanced ideas and strategy.

We have served numerous brands and none has showed dissatisfaction with our job. However, if you break the record, we will do everything within our power to see that we make it up to you.

Depending on the type of order you made and your delivery of required information, it make take between 7-28 days.

Immediately we are notified of your order activation, we assign a FunCare agent to you and he or she will work closely with you to get all necessary details. The FunCare agent assigned to you will also give you updates when necessary.

After your job has been executed, it will be delivered to your address if it is not a a virtual or digital product. Otherwise, we will send you our informative project documentation where you can find all necessary details on how to use the product.

We don’t stop at that. We monitor closely to know when you need help.

Brand Series is a weekly blog where we help readers with free resources on how to build the best out of their brands. We also have a telegram channel where we carry out various training and discussions for free.